April 22 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 12

I used to love Staples, we had one in Kirksville for 3 years, and then it went away…darnit.

Anyway, this weeks Apprentice involved designing an improved product for Staples (in case you wondered why I just ranted about them) that would better organize an office. Yay…something near and dear to my heart!

So with the teams set at 3 Manga Corp members to Net Worth’s 2, they went about trying to figure out an exciting new product. Manga went to the Staples office, talked to the executives and then went to a Staples store to talk to actual consumers about what sort of items they needed.

What did Net Worth do? They tried meeting with the Staples executives via phone, which didn’t work out. They then tried cold calling office managers to talk to supply buyers via phone. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So Manga Corps came with a lazy susan based filing system (named the “Desk Apprentice“) that I actually think is pretty darn nifty. Net Worth came up with…well…I guess you could it a desk. It was just darn silly and impracticle. So any surprise who won? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So since Net Worth only had two members left, Alex and Bren, it was a rather tame Board Room. Both of them were horrible, but it came down who took risks. Bren took no risks and showed no gumption, Alex did. So even though he made poor decesions, Alex was gutsy and Bren was fired.

So we are down to four, Alex , Craig, Kendra and Tana. Of these four, I am most impressed by Tana, but lets see what happens.

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