April 25 2005

The Apocalypse Has Come

A little while ago I complained about the evil known as Rachel Ray on The Food Network. Now even the magazine section of your local store won’t be safe from her! Hide your children…seek shelter!

“Fans of Rachael Ray, take heart. If watching her 27 times a week on one of her three Food Network television shows or reading her 11 cookbooks is not enough, you will soon be able to get another dose from the newsstand.”

27 times a week? My eyes and ears bleed at the mere thought. 11 cookbooks? Those poor trees!

“Ms. Ray has teamed up with Reader’s Digest U.S. to publish a food and lifestyle magazine called Every Day with Rachael Ray. Kitty Morgan, the editor of the magazine, said the magazine’s style and tone will reflect those of Ms. Ray.”

It will have nails-on-chalkboard laughing?

“She’s got this high-energy, down-to-earth approach. That is exactly what we will be trying to translate. It will be accessible, casual, very much fun.”

And painful….oh so painful.

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