April 26 2005

Desktop Apprentice A Flop?

Seems the Boston Herald asked office workers what they thought of the Desktop Apprecnitce from last weeks “The Apprentice“.

But what do reviewers have to say…let’s decipher shall we?

“It looks like one of those fortresses from the Lord of the Rings,” said John Goll of Goll Insurance in Boston.

Well…not so much a review as an observation?

” “We don’t have any desk space that is big enough to accommodate this,” said John Welby at Prime Mortgage Financial. “

Ok, that’s a bit more of a review, it’s big. (duh…it can hold entire reams of paper in the CENTER of it)

Stephen Walker found the item aesthetically upsetting as it sat on the counter of South End Photo.

“I think it’s kind of ugly, kind of cheesy,” Walker said. “I would pass right by (it) if I was walking through Staples.”

What is with everyone being concerned about the “look”? Who cares what it looks like, does it do the job it was designed to do?

The company is touting the product’s “360-degree swivel base.” But David Brown at Guidance Mortgage was unimpressed by a lazy susan for the workplace.

“What this does for you that a non-rotating piece wouldn’t, I don’t know,” said Brown.

Um….allow you access to all 4 sides easily? I know…darn me for using logic.

“Just classify it as useless,” said Insurance Agent Vicky Funderburk.


Ugh…journalists are turning into a lazy lot I tell ya. It would seem that Jesse Noyes, the writer of this article, really didn’t want to do this assignment, so he took the easiest route possible. Just little sound bites with no explanations.

Mind you, I am not defending the Desktop Apprentice, but I am however attacking lazy journalism.

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