April 29 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 13

After 5 consecutive losses, Net Worth was down to 1 member to Magna Corps 3, so Trump allowed the remining Net Worther, Alex, to steal someone and he chose Tana. Which is kinda funny since it left Craig and Kendra as a team, and they hate each other. Yay…strife!

So the task this week was to go to Hanes and design a limited edition t-shirt celebrating 50 years of t-shirt culture. The next day they would sell the shirts at some “hip” clothing store called Scoop. Each team was given a well known pop artist to do the artwork, Burton Morris for Net Worth and Romero Britto for Magna.

Here’s where things go wacky. Magna had the better shirt, they contacted a mailing list of 3000 fans of Britto’s work, priced somewhat reasonablly (I would never pay that much for a t-shirt personally), they really pushed the limited edition aspect of the shirt and overall did a much better job. So, they won, and Craig and Kendra go on to the final three, good for them.

Now, Net Worth…this team seems to be cursed for some reason. No matter who is on this team, they have lost for 5 consecutive tasks. That’s just insane. That is neither here nor there really, the two people on the task this week are 100% responsible for their failure. Their marketing was non-existant, they over priced and Tana became obsessed with Be Dazzlers.

Tana became convinced that because she once bought a Be Dazzler for $10 and went to the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and “bedazzled” shirts and made $10,000 (man there are some dumb people in this world) that this meant they HAD to bedazzle their shirts. So called all around and could only find the studs she wanted 45 minutes away on Staten Island. Excuse me? YOU ARE IN NEW YORK CITY YOU IDIOT! Just run down to the fashion district! No no no…jump in a cab and drive all the way out to Staten Island because I am sure there are no studs ANYWHERE on the island of Manhatten! ARGH!

They over priced, they did no marketing and they wasted oodles of time…they deserved to lose. When it came down to it though, I applaud Trump for seeing that Alex did a lot of things just to make Tana look bad. He played poorly this week just so everything could be blamed on her, and he did have the worse record of the two, so….buh-bye Alex.

So the final three are Book Smarts Kendra and Street Smarts Craig and Tana. I hate to say it…I’m rooting for Kendra.

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