May 2 2005

Groom Still Wants to Marry Runaway Bride…WHO CARES??

Could someone PLEASE tell me why anyone would care about this runaway bride story? Is there so little news going on that the news outlets are this desperate for a story?

Yes, I understand the “24 hour news cycle”, the concept that with all these 24 hour news channels, there is a lot of air time to fill up. So stories, that in the past, would have gotten no play, now get boosted to prime time fodder.

I believe it goes beyond that though, this also stinks of journalistic laziness. This paticular story is an easy one, no work needs to be done, so sure, let’s put it on. What ever happened to hard hitting journalists who hit the streets and dug for their stories? Are they on the endangered species list and I didn’t know it?

Hard hitting journalism at its finest! Thank goodness someone brought this up….the gifts people bought that they now have to return! Phew…I’ll sleep easier tonight with this knowledge secured.

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