May 5 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 12

I thought Survivor was going to be boring with the departure of Stephanie last week, but boy was I wrong!

Reward challange at this stage of the show always is interesting because it starts to give you insight to the pecking order of who will go first. So in a traditional “knock your tribe mates out” challange, first to go was Caryn. And the contest looked to be going normal until….what may be one of the biggest mistakes in Survivor history. It was Gregg’s turn to get up to knock someone down and he turned to ask his island girlfriend, Jennifer , for permission . Even Jeff Probst, the host, was shocked by that one. What an amazingly stupid thing to do in front of your tribemates. Just reveal that the two of you our working together full force. Idiot.

So what do you do when you win Gregg? You automatically take Jennifer with you to share in the reward. *bangs head repeatedly into keyboard* Are you really that stupid? Yes, it appears you are. So that he is told he can take another person so he takes his other partner-in-crime, Katie. Just keep showing all your cards you moron!

So this leaves Tom, Ian and Caryn to form a plan to take out someone on the other side at tribal. They agree to a convulated plan, but it sounds like it should work as long as everyone keeps their mouthes shut.

Que Ian spilling his guts to Katie.

Well, for whatever Katie decided it made more sense to side with Tom, Ian and Caryn and get rid of Gregg. The look of shock on Jennifer’s face was worth it all. Sweetness!

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