May 6 2005

Apprentice 3, Episode 14

When it gets down to the final three on The Apprentice, they go for interviews with executives from major coampnies who in turn give their opinions to Donald Trump. He then decides, based on that, who gets fired, leaving the final two to duke it out in a final task. The final three this time were Craig, Kendra and Tana.

The execs this time were David Brandon, Chairman & CEO, Domino’s Pizza, Inc, Darlene Daggett, President, U.S. Commerce, QVC, Inc, Howard Lorber, Chairman, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Greg Brenneman, Chairman & CEO, Burger King Corp. While the interviews were interesting, one thing in their recommendations to Trump stood out to me (quoted from NBCs website):

Howard Lorber disagreed with his two colleagues and said that Kendra could be a “superstar.” He thought that while Tana was a nice person, he didn’t think she could make it in a big city like New York.

What they left out here was that he said that he didn’t feel someone from Iowa could make it in a big city. Darlene Daggett also brought this up while interviewing Tana wanting to know if she felt she could handle the big city. While Ms. Daggett’s was a little nicer, I now have NO use for Mr. Lorber. Being from Iowa has not one thing to do with your ability to conduct business, or your effectiveness. This was plain old snobbery at its finest. And getting personal for a moment, I have travelled to many major cities, conducted business with multi-million dollar companies, and guess what….no one cared I was from Missouri because I handelled myself profesionally, as I am sure Tana would.

Anyway, snobs aside, all of them said Craig was too scattered, which he was, so they all suggested he be fired, and he was. So the final two are Kendra and Tana. Again, from the NBC site:

Trump said Kendra would run the Best Buy Video Game World Championship. She would be in charge of coordinating and hosting the huge video game tournament at Webster Hall featuring the new EA Sports video game Fight Night Round 2. Tana, Trump continued, would run the NYC2012 Athlete Challenge – a VIP sports exhibition at the Chelsea Piers to promote New York City’s bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Since no one could do a one person job on these tasks, each candidate was given a team of 3 former apprentices. Kendra was given her former book smarts teammates Michael, Danny and Erin. Tana was given Brian, Chris and Kristen. After they left the room, Tana wanted to know if they could switch team members, George told her no. Too funny. So, essentially Kenda was given the idiot team and Tana the anger team.

There was some mock drama with the beginning of the tasks, but nothing really worth reporting. It all ends next week folks!

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