May 9 2005

Don’t you dare talk to your mommy! – Part 2

Well, in a follow up to my post of the other day, it now appears that the school has not only reduced the student’s suspension, but also changed the story as to what happened.

His suspension was reduced from 10 days to 3 days after the school was flooded with emails from irate people. Good for them. Always good to see people get motivated about something. The story has now changed though that he was not suspended for the cell phone use, but for swearing at the teacher. (Another story I will have to share someday is how I got hauled in to the office for cursing…the high school staff and I never really got along if you hadn’t guessed)

This will probably remain a he-said-she-said story for years to come. I just find it very odd they changed the story as to why he got suspended. Either way, at least he is back in his classes, and the officials were called on their poor decesion.

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