May 11 2005

Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street….

So after being issued a challange by an “Old High School Friend”, I finally checked on Fox’s series “House“. So challange accepted, I tuned into this weeks episode dealing with a man having a series of mini-strokes, Dr. House being forced into a date and an older couple over using Viagra.

I liked the shows attitude, but it suffered from several problems.

1. The script seemed too much like a formula. “Dr. House walks into the room, says something snarky, does something medical, leaves.”

2. It appears that no one has a brain except for Dr. House. This was evidenced by Dr. Spencer not being the least suspicious of the box full of Tic Tacs in the patients apartment, that just so conveinantly happened to be the cure to his illness.

3. This show seemed to suffer from what I call “The CSI Effect”. You will be given no evidence that remotely well let you figure out the answer, and you won’t have the foggiest idea what is going until the last 15 minutes. You almost needen’t bother with the first 45 minutes of the show.

Like I said above, I liked the show’s attitude, the one-liners were good, but the show seemed very stiff and formulaic to me. I might give another episode a try, but I didn’t see anything that made me really sit up and take notice.

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