May 16 2005

Survivor Palau Episode 14

Well, Survivor Palau is over, and what an ending! The final four consisted of Ian, Jenn, Katie and Tom, and backstabbing flew!

Ian told Katie and Jenn that if Tom lost immunity, they should vote him out. Well….he won. So good-bye Jenn. But on her way out, she let it be known what Ian had planned. Oops! Unhappy Tom! They went ahead and voted Jenn out, but boy did Tom let Ian have it and said that he did believe that Ian had turned on him. Ian didn’t know what to say or do.

So, final immunity was the usual endurance contest, this time on floating buoys. Katie dropped out at 5 hours, a few hours later, Tom tried to make a deal with Ian, Ian wouldn’t listen. So at the 11 hour mark, Ian made a counter offer, to win Tom’s respect back, he would step down ONLY if Tom took Katie instead of him to the final 2. No one could believe what they were hearing, not even Jeff. Finally Tom agreed, Ian stepped down. Probst so no need to waste time, so they had tribal council right there. Tom made sure Ian was serious, he was, good-bye Ian.

So, the final 2 of Katie and Tom faced off against the jury, the questions, as always, were brutal. But in the end, in a vote of 6 to 1 (yes, Coby) voted Tom the winner of Survivor Palau. Way to go Tom!

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