May 24 2005

grrrrr Wal*Mart

My little town (Kirksville,MO, for those who don’t already know) has one major problem: Wal*Mart.

Wally World has been here FOREVER, since pre-1979 for sure when I moved here. We were an early store for sure as our store number is 189. Around 1992 we were upgraded to one of the first Super Centers. Even since then, we have lost four grocery stores to them. Numerous mom and pop stores have closed and in general just caused havoc ever since then. Over the years I have kept trying not to shop there. The internet made that easier, but no matter how hard I try, I always end up there every once in awhile. Though every moment I am there I despise it.

So my question, Target, is opening 600 new stores this year. Where’s ours? This town is ripe for competition, yet nothing. We are getting a brand new, fairly large Home Depot, but still no Target!

Come on guys…lots of us want to give up Wally World…come here…PLEASE!!!!

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