May 28 2005

Double Dippin’

*very computery geekiness warning*
For years now, all work has been concetrated on making computers faster (3.0 GHz, 3.2 GHz…whatever), well, since it doesn’t seem possible at this time to increase the clock speed of the chips, why not slap two chips into the same core instead? Works for me! Intel is now shipping the consumer version of it’s dual-core chip, for now called Intel Pentium D, this week.

What this will do is allow the computer to more effectively run multiple programs at once. You, the end user, will really not see any difference, but “under the hood” of your computer, it should make a world of difference. That difference though is going to cost you (from the linked news story above):

“When purchased in volume, Pentium D prices range from $241 to $530 with speeds from 2.8 gigahertz to 3.2 GHz. Supporting chipsets range from $38 to $42.”

Yowza! What I am personally hoping for though is a drop in price in plain old single core chips. If that does happen, we will hopefully see laptop and desktop prices drop some. Laptops need to desperately.

And for you AMD fans out there, they are supposed to announce their dual-core’s next week.

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