May 29 2005

Bunch of cry babies!

The Indianapolis 500 normally holds no interest for me, but I admit that the idea of Danica Patrick intrigued me. She is not the first woman to run the race, but she seemed to have a real shot at winning this race, so it got my attention.

Then came the disgusting comments of some of the male drivers. This article points out some of the worst ones. It seems some of the male drivers felt she had an unfair advantage by weighing only 100 pounds. Well, guys, I hate to tell you, there are no rules governing how much a driver should weigh, so you really have nothing to say. They did anyway though:

“NASCAR’s Robby Gordon said he would not race against the petite Patrick because he believes she has a weight advantage at a mere 100 pounds, IRL officials said they were not considering changing their rules to level the playing field.”

He wasn’t the only one though:

“I’m not bragging about it, but I think that’s an advantage for sure,” Kanaan said. “Forty-five pounds is probably like 10 gallons of fuel, so it’s like we’re qualifying with 20 gallons of fuel and she’s qualifying with 10.”

Folks, if it’s not in the rules, it’s not in the rules. Lose some weight yourselves if you think it is such an advantage. Sure, guys are heavier by nature, but that doesn’t mean you should be all chauvinistic . Gentleman, (and I use that term lightly) this is the 21st century, grow up.

And as a post note, congratulations to Ms. Patrick on coming in 4th, the best finish by a woman in this race.

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