June 1 2005

Converting ALL my CDs to MP3

Wow…you know, I thought ripping all my CDs to MP3s would be a fairly quick process as I sould about 75% of my CD collection off a few years ago. I figured a couple days at most.

Week 3 is coming to an end.

As it stands I have ripped around 4500 songs. If I was to start my iTunes, and just let it go, it would run for 11 days, 19 hours, 49 minutes and 53 seconds. It stands at 19.1 gigabytes of memory used.

What was I thinking when I ever bought this many CDs over the years? Was I insane? And as I listen to some of the music as I rip it, I clearly was! Sure, I am rediscovering some bands I hadn’t listened to in ages (Madness…how I love thee). I am also discovering some people released WAY too much music (Prince…do you ever sleep?). Also, no more buying a CD for just one song (darn you Wall of Voodoo for “Mexican Radio“!)

Now comes backing this up! I thought about just using CD-ROMs, but my poor CD drive sounds like it is dying from this much use. So I ordered a 300 gigabyte external hard drive so I could just back up my whole hard drive at once.

There is an upside to this though, I am selling off more of my CDs that I don’t feel a burning urge to keep the originals (adios to a whole lot of Tori Amos CD singles!).

Course, I really need to sell some off to pay for a new cd-rom drive and that external hard drive….

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