June 3 2005

Technology is such a pain

So I got my 300 gigabyte external hard drive today. Install was straight forward, but I didn’t like having to restart my system twice, but oh well.

Then the oddess happened. First off, now Windows XP again wants me to click on the little icon to boot up the comp. It hasn’t wanted that in 2 years. No biggie, will fix it later. So I started the massive back up of my C drive. Ok, took forver, it got to 60% done and all of a sudden it says “Out of memory, clear off old files to proceed”. Um…my C drive has 39.4 gigs free, so how did I run out of space? So it cancelled the backup! ARGH!

So I started backing up the most important stuff by hand and that was taking FOREVER. So I will try all this again tomorrow, but boy is this not as painless as I thought it would be. At least all the MP3s are backed up, so let the great CD sell off begin!

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