June 4 2005

I need help with a decesion!

Well…it seems I was wrong…I had under 3 gigs of hard drive space left! So I have spent my day so far deleting files, uninstalling programs and doing anything I can to make room. So far I have gained back 4 gigs, so I now have like 6.83 gigs I can use.

Still not enough! So, I have about 48 gigs worth of stuff I could store on the 300 gig external hard drive , but that makes no sense! That was supposed to be a backup…a duplicate…so storing the primary files only there makes no sense.

So, here is what I am considering:

A)Buy *another* external drive so I could have primary files on one, backups on the second. CON:Video files do jump SLIGHTLY when played from the external.
PRO:Would be easy to move these drives to another comp.

B)Buy a 2nd internal hard drive, so I would have two internals for the primary files, and the external for backups.
CON:This comp is 2 years, 3 months old. Maybe it is too old to think about putting in an internal drive.
PRO:No “jumps” when playing video.

C)Buy a whole new comp with a bigger hard drive.
PRO:New comp with a 200 gig hard drive, and finally a DVD burner.

So what do you think folks? Please leave a comment and vote for either A, B or C…I seriouslly can’t decide!

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