June 6 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 2

Well the second episode of Hell’s Kitchen lived up to the first as Gordon Ramsay continued to yell at contestants and customers alike. This is what you watch a show about Ramsay for!

After the first hellish night (pun intended), the contestants went to bed, only to be woken the next morning at some unknown hour to immediately head to the kitchen to see Gordon. Everyone appeared, except Chris of the red team who felt he had time to brush his teeth. I was a bit surprised he didn’t get yelled at harder. Oh well.

First test of the day was to strip and prepare squid for stuffing. All skin had to be removed, and no holes or tears in the shell. They had 10 minutes to prep as many as possible, and the winning team would win dinner with Gordon. Red team won by 1 squid. While the red team got to dine with Gordon, the blue team had to spend the entire time prepping more squid, those lucky folks.

So the next night they were opening to the public again with only one new dish to deal with, squid. Gordon expected a better performance since only one item was new. Just before things began for the evening, the blue team was informed that their punishment for losing the squid challange was not over. They had their air turned off so they worked without any cooling. As the night progressed it rose to 140 degrees in their kitchen. Ouch.

They started off stronger than they did on the first night, but it quickly backed up due to multiple reasons. The red team was having the worst times with James claiming to be in pain from a kidney stone (which I find hard to believe he would even be allowed to be on the show if he had one). The worst had to be Dewberry getting frustrated and starting to storm out in anger until his team told him to rethink it.

Honestly, speaking as an employer myself, I more than would have likely fired Dewberry on the spot. You do not storm out in the middle of the shift. Period. You do it, adios. Being a show though, he just got yelled at and put back to work.

Customers again did the silly thing of walking up to Ramsey and bugging him and then acting shocked he yelled at them. If any part of this show feels staged, it is the “customer” interactions with Gordon. Oh well, they seem to like showing those, so I guess we are stuck with them.

So after “customers” ordered in pizza to annoy Ramsey, and yelled at the Maitre’D, Ramsey again closed the resturant early with tables never being served. He declared the reds the losers, and Dewberry was the sap to get the boot. Good! He deserved it for almost deserting his team!

And on a side note….I hate the Fox website for this show. Stupid flash based thing won’t let you link to any indvidual info.

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