June 8 2005

The speed of business

It is amazing how fast my plans change. I went from waking up grumpy this morning (AC broke down, was over 80 degrees in my house at 2 AM last night), and with no plans of going anywhere until late August, and not sure what was going on with my new companies first big product.

Over the course of today I have seen the pictures of our first product samples (and they look great!), to having no idea how I would handle the sales. An idea later in the day, and I may have all 20,000 units sold in one shot.

Little later I recieved an email saying I might want to head to Los Angeles for the July 4th weekend for some business. I am not thrilled by this concept because I am not overly fond of LA. (No offense to those who live there, just not my fave town) Now it is looking more likely I am going, so now I am scrambling to figure out the finances, trying to find a resonably priced flgiht and figuring out a schedule.

It was a very hectic day at work, it’s now after 10 PM and I am nowhere near being done with everything I Need to do. At least the AC is working again.

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