June 13 2005

I had always figured this was ready

No big shock to me, but Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein had a book about William Mark Felt, Sr. (AKA Deep Throat) ready to go in case of his death, entitled “The Secret Man”. Instead of dying, he just told everyone who he was, but it should still be interesting read. Shameless commercial follows:

I haven’t had the time yet, but I am dying to go back and watch “All The Presidents Men” now that we know who Deep Throat was. I doubt there were any clues, but still should be interesting watching it again knowing all the info as we do now.

An interesting counterpoint to my rant about journalism yesterday though. Ranting about journalists who take the easy ratings story versus the one’s who fought to get the truth about an unpopular, but yet important, story. Those were the days.

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