June 14 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 3

Highly amusing week on Hell’s Kitchen. The first event we were treated to was Jeff passing a kidney stone, and then showing it to everyone to prove he was not a liar. Lovely. Great television that.

The first significant event of the episode though, was the moving of Michael from the blue team to the red team as they were now outnumbered them 6-to-4. With the teams now evened up, Gordon gave both the teams the task of preparing a 5 course meal for a VIP in only 1 hour. The VIP was of course, Gordon. The added pressure was they had to go buy all their ingrediants at a grocery store, and once in the store they only had 10 minutes, and $100 to get everything they needed.

Once the groceries are bought (with some time wasting video of the “race” around the store), the teams head back to the kitchen and cook their meals. Each member is responsible for one course and then will present that course to Gordon during the judging. Surprise, surprise, Gordon likes 3 of the 5 dishes on each side, so he makes a subjective judgement. He says the red team better balanced the entire meal, and declares them the winners. The prize is a night out at an English type pub with him. The blues must clean the dorms.

Let me interject here, never had I heard whining like blue team did while cleaning. Suck it up! You loss, get over it!

Now comes the time for the third night of being open, and as you can guess, it is a disaster. There are some famous food critics in the resturant, and the teams have no idea which meals are theirs, so everything must be cooked like it is going to a critic. Of course, one disaster after another happens…a woman throws up from her appetizer…dishes are sent back…and Jeff acts like a moron and gets chewed out multiple times. When he has finally had enough, he calls Ramsey a name and storms out. Ramsey informs the teams he will not be returning. Aw, so sad…not.

So, after shutting the kitchen down for the third time in three services, and with not enough entree’s going out to make a judgement, he relied on what the critics said. The blue team lost and Ralph was named the picker for who would go. He chose Wendy and Andrew because…well…for being Wendy and Andrew. Neither of them should be allowed near a kitchen ever again. In the end, Gordon told Wendy she was no longer needed. So in one episode, each team lost a member. So long Jeff and Wendy.

In a comment, I really think this may be down to Michael and Ralph already, but we shall see.

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