June 15 2005

The fun of life

Well, my laptop hard drive is dead, but to my surprise, it is still under warrenty! A new hard drive is on it’s way, but more than likely all the data is lost, and everything will need to be reinstalled. Such is life, I really don’t keep primary files on it, so the data being gone is no big loss. Thinking I may just get a new one though and give the old one to my parents to use on their business trips.

Add this to the desktop at work having problems, my dad’s computer is slowly dying….this has not been a good week for the computers in my life.

To top it all off, my allergies are killing me. The pollen was so bad here today, I could taste it in my mouth. Oh joy. Add in the extremely high mold count we have going on, my allergies are not having a good time at all.

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