June 16 2005

30 Days

Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” premiered last night on the FX Network. For those of you unfamiliar with Morgan, he was the gentleman who did “Super Size Me“, the documentry that literally changed how I view fast food. He ate nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days, and he allowed ud to see what it did to his body.

In this new series, each week someone will face a challange they must do for 30 days, the first week was Morgan and his fiancee had to live on minimum wage for a month. (Morgan is only the test subject in this episode, from here on out it will be new people each week) As I am sure you can guess, it did not go smoothly for them. They had to get an apartment, get jobs and live within their budget. None of it went well, and the conclusion was, it’s not easy to do.

I am thrilled with this series being done, but there are two problems I see.

1)An hour just isn’t long enough. I have a feeling this will be great on DVD with extras, but on TV with 15 minutes of commercials? Just not enough.

2)I think the outcome of each episode is going to be fairly predictable.

I will give it a few more chances, but I’m afraid this may be doomed just by the format, not the subject matter.

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