June 20 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 4

As the episode begun this week, Gordon felt it was time to shake things up again, and so it’s back to waking the teams up with rattling pots and pans. They were ordered to the kitchen on the double, once there, they were instructed to go to the dining room for resturant operations lessons from the Maitre’d, Jean Phillipe. To say he has too mellow of a voice for that hour of the morning would be an understatement.

He gave them a lengthy lesson in how to best set a table for an upper class dining experiance like Gordon provides. How to arrange the silver ware….how to place the plates….how to handle the glasses….how to fold the napkins… to….*snore* Huh? What? Oh he’s done talking? Phew!

Gordon comes out and asks the team if they have that all in their heads now. They respond that they do, all chipper and confident. Gordon tells them good, and tears the table cloth off the table, destroying the example they had been looking at. They are then told that each team must set a table for 6 guests, and copy the setup exactly. OOPS! Guess they should have been paying more attention!

The teams race through, and in the end, red team has more mistakes and most clean all the dishes, glasses and settings for the next nights service. The blue team got to be treated to massages and pedicures. Sucks to be the red team.

The next day the teams are trained to prepare frogs legs and pigeons for that nights dinner. Gordon explains how food doesn’t show up, ready to go, you have to be willing to prep the food yourself. As the day wore on, Gordon informed the teams that the team to serve all their tables first would win, and not face losing a member. He then dropped another bombshell that the reds would be setting up the entire dining room as further punishment from the loss the day before. This meant they didn’t get to setup their stations for dinner, possibly slowing them down from getting all their tables out.

The dining room setup, the resturant open for the night the competition began. Blue team started off getting the most tables out, and with Andrew actually behaving himself for once. As the night wore on though, Mary Ellen started slowing down the blue team with bad starters, and Andrew was messing up the sides. These combined allowed the red team to catch up and finally surpassing the blues to win.

Gordon named Jessica as the best of the worst, allowing her to name the two for possible evictions. She put up Andrew and Mary Ellen, both for slowing down the team. Gordon booted Mary Ellen in the end.

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