June 25 2005

Wow…a journalist who “gets it”!

Back on June 12th, I made a post about how there seems to be a bias in the media over what sort of missing person stories they focus on. Natalee Holloway is still missing, and we still seem to get hourly updates on her. It seems no one else has gone missing in all this time, except for the three boys in New Jersey, who have now been found, sadly dead of accidental suffication.

So now though, this concept is getting so wildly out of control, even parts of the media are starting to finally pay attention. It’s about time! This article in the Chicago Sun-Times, by Erin Texeira, addresses this very subject. Her first paragraph makes the very point I was trying to make:

“Most of the missing adults tracked by the FBI are men. More than one in five of those abducted or kidnapped are black.”

And how many of those people do we hear about? Pretty much none. Later on, she sites:

Of the nearly 47,600 active adult cases tracked by the FBI as of the beginning of May, 53 percent were men and 29 percent black.

Well golly gee Wally, I must not be watching the news very often since I haven’t heard about any of those.

Do I take a look at the article for a lot more interesting insights, but it is nice to see someone in the media bringing this up!

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