June 28 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 5

The Morning after eviction always means a new task to determine a winner for a reward. This week it was learning to make pasta since the service the next night was going to be all pasta dishes. The team to make the most usable pasta, determined by weight, in 20 minutes would win. After the 20 minutes, Gordon went through the pasta, tossed some and weighed some. In a decesion od 2.41 pounds vs 2.45 pounds, the red team won.

While the red team got to leave the kitchen for a gondola ride, with some wine drinking, the blues had to stay in the kitchen to make pasta noodles for the next nights dinner. No surprise, the blues were a bit upset, and a bit whiny about it I must say. You lost, be gracious, don’t whine about it. Weird side note for this section, it seems Michael goes out to the backyard every night and talks to himself outloud. Very odd.

As they prepare for the service, Gordon tells the teams that there will be two service this night. While one team cooks, the other will serve, and during the second service they will reverse. Each service will last two hours, and they are to serve as many tables as possible in that time. Gordon then tells the reds that they get to choose which they will do first, they opt to cook for the first setting of customers.

The reds get a lot of their food out, but as is to be expected, they make a lot of mistakes also. The blues service was ok, though I was bit shocked by Jessica just randomly giving out entrees towards the end of their service.

When the blues took over the kitchen, Michael got the idea to pay attention to what the blues were low on in their prep, and try to get as many people as possible to order that. Lasagana suddenly became a very popular dish in Hell’s Kitchen. Jimmy made a lot of mistakes in serving, and served the wrong table entrees for another table, causing a re-do to happen. Gordon was less than thrilled.

When all was said and done, the reds got more of their orders out, but got worse marks for their food and made numerous mistakes in the serving. Gordon named Michael the banishment namer, and he put up Elsie and Chris. In the end, Chris was sent home.

As a side note, Chris was very proud of the fact he is an executive chef, and he seemed to think this made him and Gordon understand each other. From watching Gordon’s shows in England, Gordon hates executive chefs, and finds them to be useless. For those who don’t know what an EC does….Gordon is correct. They don’t actually cook, they just sit around and tell people what to do, they are management, nothing more.

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