June 29 2005

Well…there goes my Summer

It is already well known that I am a reality TV addict, but even the die-hards have their guilty pleasures. Yes folks, there is a reality show that even other reality fanatics look down their nose’s at, and that show is….Big Brother.

Yes, it is true, I am a Big Brother watcher. I was beyond hooked for the first season. The live feeds kept me up well beyond dawn a few times. I skipped Big Brother 2 because I didn’t like the format change, but I cam back for #3, and haven’t left since. While I may think Julie Chen is about the worst host in reality TV history, I’m still there, episode after episode. I watch live feeds…I read live updates at…I am a junky, and I admit it.

So why do I bother posting this? Well, the new season starts next week, the houseguests were announced today, and I just wanted to give everyone fair warning that this was going to be a big part of my blog for awhile.

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