This is one of those days.… read more

FINALLY! The show decided to get engaing! The house had been squarely divded into two alliances: Alliance 1: Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel Alliance 2: Eric, Maggie, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer and April After veto, Eric and Maggie were the two on the block. As they are not allowed to vote for eviction, and… read more



July 29 2005

Yet anothere meme

Google “Your name is”, leaving in the quotation marks, and adding your own name– for example: “Sean is”. Then pick your top ten favorite responses. Or you can just go to 1. sean is ssooooo hottttt (well…duh!) 2. sean is a total wanker (hey!) 3. sean is using his british (bangers & mash please!)… read more

I helped a university student with research — won’t you do the same? Please go help my friend with her research assignment. This is strictly a survey, not one of my stupid meme/blogthings.… read more

Lots of shifting alliances, finally! Now Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel have formed an alliance. With that plan in place, they decided to compete hard for the Power Of Veto to pull James off of the nomination block, and change the possible eviction nominee to Eric. The nice twist to this was it… read more



July 28 2005

What is happiness?

Happiness is your lovely new… read more

Leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more. Then copy & paste this in your journal/blog so that I may leave a word about you, if you want.… read more

Hell’s Kitchen on it’s way to the wrap up, and we are down to the last three contestants as this episode opens. Jessica, Michael and Ralph head back to the dorm, after Elsie’s eviction, and are greeted by champagne so they can celebrate being the final 3. Jessica gets blasted, Ralph looks tipsy, Michael appears… read more

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You’re a Ravenpuff!: You are a very analytical andingenius person, someone that likes to inventnew things. The way you look at life is withwonder, and sometimes you’re even a littlenaive. But people love you for that trait andthey feel the need to protect you from theharsh facts of life so that you can retain yourinnocence.… read more

I was not aware that “turd blossom” was now considered a term to risque for some newspapers. According to this article, some newspapers took offense at todays comic strip of Doonesbury for use of the term. Here is the strip itself: One of the things I have always loved about Gary Trudeau is that all… read more


July 26 2005


the Cutting Edge (65% dark, 43% spontaneous, 38% vulgar) your humor style:CLEAN | SPONTANEOUS | DARK Your humor’s mostly innocent and off-the-cuff, but somehow there’s something slightly menacing about you. Part of your humor is making people a little uncomfortable, even if the things you say aren’t in and of themselves confrontational. You probably have… read more

A few days ago, Microsoft made the big announcment about the long delayed next version of Windows. While it has been in devolopment for quite sometime under the name “Longhorn”, Microsoft has now announced the official and final name. Ladies and gentleman, I give you………Windows Vista. Has there ever been an unsexier name for an… read more

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