July 3 2005

Wristbands and you

You know, I am all for supporting Livestrong or (hence my banner for, but enough with the rubber wristbands folks.

Like any other fad, you will all tire of them. First, you’ll just gradually stop wearing them. Then they will end up in the bottom of a drawer. Then, in a mad fit of Spring cleaning, you’ll toss them out. They are made of rubber. Rubber fills up a landfill. I am sure you are thinking “But, it’s only one little wristband.” At the height of Livestong they were selling a 125,000 wristbands a day. Yes, you read that correctly, PER DAY.

These wristbands did serve a purpose in the early stages to get people to notice Livestrong, and I applaud that, but now we are reaching the point of silly, just like we do with any fad. Could someone tell me what charity the “Happy Birthday” bracelet is supporting? How about the Adidas “MVP” bracelet?

You should donate to these charities, but how about just donating to them instead of getting the bracelet? The word is out now, stop with the barcelets now, the landfills will thank you later. (Don’t even get me started on the absurdity of the “Save Our Earth” bracelet.)

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