July 5 2005

Blogging 101

Yahoo’s Tech Tuesday this week is all about how to enter the wild world of blogging. I know there are a couple people who read my blog/LJ who have expressed interest in starting their own blogs, but have yet to make the leap. This is an excellent primer with information on all the various free services that are out there.

Is it worth it? I think so. While I may not be the worlds greatest blogger (or even the 1,439,832nd greatest blogger), I do enjoy it. Sure, there are some limitations on what I can discusss, but they are limits I have placed on myself. So, what do you have to lose? Give it a whirl.

Blogging Basics

Sites that provide free blogs

Primer to PodCasting (an audio blog)

WordPress (the software I run on)

SiteGround (the host I use for on)

I would recommend you read the primers, and then start off with a free blog on either Blogger or LiveJournal. I would say LiveJournal because it gives you a lot more oppurtunities to grow your reader base with friends lists and user groups. Once you are comfortable with it, move on to something like WordPress which gives you a lot more control and customization.

You never know, you may be the next Wil Wheaton or Matt Drudge. (I would pity you on that last one I’m afraid.

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