July 6 2005


In Yahoo’s Buzz Index column today, they are talking about all the different wrist bands that are circulating nowadays. It seems another problem is popping up in that multiple causes are using the same colors. According to this article on the Arizona Repbulic site:

“If you’re wearing a gray bracelet, for instance, it might mean you are supporting research on allergies, aphasia, asthma, diabetes, brain tumors or mental illness. Take your pick.”

Ok, great that you are supporting those causes, but come on folks, there’s a lot of colors out there, mix it up some!

What irks me though is the bands I found at Yes, they carry a lot of the true support bands such as Livestrong, but they are also carrying a ton of wristbands with no obvious cause connected to them. Sure, a band that says “Hope” or “Peace” may look nice, heck, it even sounds like it may support something, but it doesn’t. It’s just another bauble to collect dust when you tire of it.

By far though, the most disgusting thing I found was yellow bracelets saying “Be Strong“. You don’t think someone is intentionally trying to cash in on the popularity of Livestrong do you? Naw…that would never happen.

There are also lots of bracelets that use a similar color and slogan to a known cause, but in truth, may have no association with a cause. I see a lot of pink bracelets that say “Find A Cure”. My first thought is breast cancer research, but searching and turn up no mentions of those bracelets actually supporting research.

Does this mean you shouldn’t wear them? Heck no, wear whatever you want, but I would hate for you to think that a portion of the sale is going to a charity that it isn’t.

My suggestion (for what little it’s worth), just donate the money to the cause of your choice, the bracelets are too dilluted now to make a difference. If you still want the bracelet, make sure you buy it from a source that is 100% legitimate in what they are selling, or better yet, go direct to the charity so they can get all they can out of the sale.

Autism Society Bracelet/Autism Society Donations

Breast Cancer Research Donations (lots of bracelets, can’t find who gets the money from them)

Cancer Research Donations (lots of bracelets, can’t find who gets the money from them)

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation Bracelets

Livestrong Bracelets/Livestrong Donations Bracelets/Can’t find that they just take donations, but they do have other suggestions.

Supporting the Troops Donations (USO) (lots of bracelets, can?t find who gets the money from them)

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Bracelets/Donations

Tsunami Relief Donations (I could not find an offical statement anywhere as to who gets the money from the bracelets)

If it seems like I am harping on this subject, well…I am. I am just sad that what was a fantastic idea is getting more and more dilluted each day by oppurtunists. So, instead of only complaining, now I am hoping to help sort out the confusion. If you know of an OFFICIAL site stating who gets money from a bracelet, comment with a link, I will read it to make sure, and I will be happy to add it to this post.

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