July 13 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 2

Originally I was going to do a recap of each episode like I do with other reality shows, but I discovered something during the second episode of Big Brother….I really can’t. I have a two-fold problem.
1) They jump around so much, it would be a gazillion paragrpahs long and

2) I admit I am a live feed watcher, so I am so far ahead of what you see on the shows, it is hard for me to keep track of what is happening on the show as on the live feeds, that was three days ago. Things change so much, it is hard to keep things straight without giving away stuff you may not want to know.

So, I may just do like a commentary style thing. Highlights of this one would include Howie introducing the real Howie to the house…which is impossible to describe. The early alliances begin forming, which never last to the end. The biggest thing being the veto competition, which Rachel won, and since she was also HoH, she let her nominations stand.

So really, not much to go on at this point. Everyone is still in that “feeling each other out” stage to figure out why everyone stands. If you want to read a full recap, go to this site.

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