July 15 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 3

Time for the first weekly eviction, and I will save you the pain of waiting for it like you suffer on the actual show. In a vote of 9 – 2, adios Ashlea.

The pairs were revealed this time to the general public. (Although, if you watch the feeds, you knew them all, just not how they knew each other) They are:

April/Jennifer – Soroity sisters

Ashlea/Janelle – Former roomies, BFF!

Beau/Ivette – Friends, former co-workers

Eric/Maggie – Friends, Maggie’s boyfriend works with Eric

James/Sarah – Dating 4 months….like we couldn’t figure out the dating

Michael/Kaysar – Friends for 6 years

Rachel/Howie – Friends

I really thought Eric/Maggie and Rachel/Howie were brother & sister teams, but oh well. And how Rachel/Howie have been friends…scientists will be working on that one for years.

With the voting over, and the Chen-Bot interview of Ashlea over, it was time for the new Head of Household competition. True/False questions about the house, if you get it wrong you are out, if everyone gets it right, slowest to answer is out. The Hamsters fall one at a time until Eric wins HoH. Yay Eric! Maybe he will cut a hole int he floor of the HoH room and put a pole in he can slide down. That would be way cool!

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