July 19 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 8

Episode 8 of Hell’s Kitchen hit the airwaves, and we were down to the final four with the departure of Jimmy.

The reward challange consisted of making a meal from a pile of 15 different leftovers in 15 minutes. This challange is something Ramsey makes all of his potential cooks do as it is way to maximize the use out of all food expenditures in a resturant. Jessica was first up with both an entree and a desert. Her presentation lacked, but taste was spot on with both. Michael presented a pasta that looked nice, but the taste did not work. Michael had nice presentation, ok taste, but bad utilization of his ingrediants. Elsie was last with a hearty chicken soup. And as Gordon announces the winner…commercial. I swear this show has more commercials! Anyway, Elsie won based on the fact that she used 10 of the 15 ingrediants, and because of the simplicity, you could move the dish many times in one nights service.

Elsie’s prize was a trip to do a cooking segment on Good Day Live (no link since it has since been cancelled) with Gordon, while the other three stayed at the kitchen prepping the food for that night’s service. As the time for the apperance approached, the losers were taken over to the bar so they could see the apperance on TV. None of them looked pleased.

With the apperance over, they were sent back to the kitchen to the kitchen where they were all served saucers of milk to go with their cattiness. They discuss how none of them plan to help her that night if she has problems, and from now on they will all make chicken soup for challanges if that’s all it takes.

Upon her return to the kitchen, Gordon informs her the other half of her reward will be who works what station that night. The other three are nice to her until Gordon leaves and then Michael sets in on a mind game about how Gordon expects less from her, so it was easy for her to rise above his expecations of her. Wow….that low, but seemingly effective.

Now, at the evenings service, I would love to update you on who worked what station, but after the first disastorous hour, Gordon moved them around so much, I couldn’t tell who was doing what. No one could serve up an entire table’s food at the same time…food was undercooked…there was a splinter in someone’s lobster and so on.

The big bruhaha of the night though was Elsie losing all control of her station. Gordon took her to the other side of the kitchen for a private chat, which raised the ire of the other three once again. They couldn’t figure out why she got a private chat as opposed to being yelled at like they had been. She headed to the bathroom to cool down for a moment, and then it was back out to the kitchen to try again. The cool down didn’t help much.

After two tables got up and left due to the horrendous wait, Gordon shut down the kitchen as usual. He informed the players that no one had earned the right to nominate, and that he would do it. At the banishment he told Michael he can not do the whole kitchen likes he keep trying to do, but did not pull him out for eviction. Instead he pulled out Jessica and Elsie. They both had performed terribly, so no one should be shocked by this. In the end, Elsie is sent packing, but not before Gordon informs her that she touched his heart….which amazed everyone as they were sure he didn’t have one.

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