July 20 2005

Slow news days amaze me

I know I am a few days behind on this, but at first I was going to ignore it. It seems that members of the Northwestern University women’s lacrosse team went to the White House for a picture with President Bush to celebrate. A normal tradition for championship teams.

Then the horror of horrors happened…..THEY WORE FLIP-FLOPS! *screams in mock terror* Now, it’s not so much they were the flip-flops that bugs me, because honestly I could care less, but it is the fact the media jumped all over it. They even named it “The Flip-Flop Flap”.

First of all, flip-flops are summer wear, they matched the girls outfits, and were higher end sandals even with rhinestones. These were not $.99 cheapy specials. Considering their age, the clothing and shoes were appropiate. However, some stick-in-the-muds had a problem with it, which brings me to….

Secondly, the media has got to learn not to go for the easy stories. There are so many big stories in the world on any given day, and while human interest stories are interesting, this doesn’t even remotely qualify. This is a non-story, a waste of resources and just lazy, lazy journalism. This is akin to a fashion story, but yet it made it even on to the front page of the news section on America Online on Monday. A serach on Yahoo news returned 374 stories for “flip flops white house”.

America’s journalists are a lazy bunch. Thank goodness I get Newsworld International on my TV, otherwise I would never know what was going on in the world.

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