July 21 2005

That the best you can do?

That was really sad and pathetic. Best you could do was injure one person? Sure, thousands were inconvenianced, but it’s a small thing. Life will resume as normal.

You aren’t scaring anyone, you’re just pissing all of us off. And say “us” only because, well, I like England, and they seem to like us. Really though, you attack anyone, and just annoys all of us. What exactly do you think you are accomplishing?

Do you think we are all going to throw our hands up in the air and go “Oh mercy me, mercy me, we should give up our evil ways!” No you annoying little gnats, all you are doing is making us want to kick your asses that much harder.

Do you think you are all brave little soldiers dying for your cause? No, you are cowards of the highest order.

I’m pissed, I’m annoyed, but I am anything other than afraid. I am resolute. I am not afraid.

Speaking of not being afraid, I think the We’re Not Afraid website sums it up nicely right now.

21st July 2005

Today’s coordinated acts were designed both to cause harm and spread fear – not just amongst Londoners, but amongst people in every city around the world.

We Are Not Afraid stands in defiance, and we will not be cowed by terror tactics. stands for the global community of citizens defiant in the face of terror tactics.

We remain united in our fearlessness, and will maintain our resolve in seeking understanding and clarity of events as they unfold.

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