July 23 2005

30 Days, Episode 6:Binge Drinking Mom

Morgan Spurlock’s series 30 Days wrapped up it’s first season with a look into binge drinking. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, from Wikipedia:

Binge drinking is commonly defined as drinking alcohol solely for the purpose of intoxication. However, it is quite common for binge drinking to apply to a social situation, creating some overlap in social and binge drinking. Binge drinkers may or may not be alcoholics, although the definition of an alcoholic is also subjective.

The subject this time was 43 year old mom Michiel Nacke who is concerned that her 19 year old daughter, Jessica, is doing a dangerous amount of drinking at college. Her solution, instead of doing something sensible, is to turn into a binge drinking partier for 30 days. Wow…that makes about as much sense as shooting yourself in the stomach to teach your kids gun safety.

This recap is going to be fairly short because quite honestly I couldn’t stand this episode. Jessica was out doing her own drinking most of the time, so she hardly ever saw the effects the alcohol was having on her mom. The few times she did see it, she would just sit around with a smirk and giggling about it all. The one who did see everything, and seemed to take it the worst, was the 9 year old son Braden.

Besides the absolute absurdity of the whole concept of this “experiment”, the biggest problem was the severe attitude adjustment Jessica needed. Too call her a prissy little snob would be a compliment compared to the words I called her while watching the episode, but I like to keep my blog profanity free. Everytime Michiel tried to talk to Jessica, she was rude, abrupt and far more interested in her cell phone.

My biggest problem with this episode? Anyone notice I said earlier Jessica is 19? As in, two years under the legal drinking age. Not once in the entire episode was this ever mentioned. Hey mom, instead of putting yourself though this insane idea, how about you just once mentioned to your daughter she was breaking the law? How about you just once find out where she was partying and call the cops? Sure, no one wants to see their kid get busted, but if the other option was drinking yourself into a stupor multiple times in a 30 day period? Yeah, let’s go with the harsh lesson for the kid instead.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no dellusions that underage drinking is going to stop. I did my fair share of it in high school, and let me just say that first hour marching band with a hang over was a great time! That being said, there are so many more ways this could be handled, but instead of disceplining her daughter, instead of telling her daughter to stop being a snotty little brat, she puts herself through a drinking binge with no positive results. Dumb woman, dumb show and I have to say, dumb Morgan for allowing this, let alone showing it to us.

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