July 23 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 5

I am so far behind on my pointless reality show enteries. Oh well.

The second elimination episode of Big Brother 6 treated us the departure of Michael in a 9-to-1 vote. We were also treated to spew worthy moments of he and Janelle kissing, and in one of the oddest reality TV moments ever…Janelle broke up with her boyfriend via a scene in the diary room. And she assured the unseen boyfriend that she would understand if he never wanted to talk to her again. After the arrest record came out, would you want to date her anyway? Not that arrest records alone should matter in a relationship, but….it’s Janelle for crying out loud! You shouldn’t want to date her anyway!

So, with Michael gone, the Chen-Bot conducted her post eviction interview. I must say, the Chen-Bot Mark 6 is sporting an awful lot of body glitter. Being married to Les Moonves seems to have increased her budget for it.

HoH competition was a majority rules Q&A with Kaysar winning. Who will his targets be? dum-dum-dum!

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