July 24 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 6

Ok, this is quickly getting irritating because with the feeds, I am so far ahead of the telivised show, and it is hard to talk without spilling some things. Ok, highlights for this one.

Kaysar recieves his Head of Household room and amongst his treats are his Hookah pipe and kosher meats.

The food competition was food spelling, each correctly spelled word removed a “PB & J” wedge from a whell. When all done, the wheel was spun, and if it hit “Food” they got normal food, if it hit “PB & J”….you guessed it. There were 8 food wedges and 4 pb&j wedges, and yep, it landed on pb&j for the whole house. Funny!

Ivette came out to April.

Kaysar nominates Maggie and James for eviction.

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