July 25 2005

How unsexy is that?

A few days ago, Microsoft made the big announcment about the long delayed next version of Windows. While it has been in devolopment for quite sometime under the name “Longhorn”, Microsoft has now announced the official and final name. Ladies and gentleman, I give you………Windows Vista.

Has there ever been an unsexier name for an operating system? Well…yeah, IBM’s O/S 2 Warp comes to mind, but you have to admit, Windows Vista just doesn’t roll off the tounge. Let’s even disregard the awful amount of time this sytem has been in devolopment (long story short, around 4 years), and the fact they are already stripping features out of it, in all that time, they couldn’t come up with a better name?

At least the Mac OS X system has had sexy names like Panther and Tiger. What do PC users get? Vista….freakin Vista.

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