July 27 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 9

Hell’s Kitchen on it’s way to the wrap up, and we are down to the last three contestants as this episode opens. Jessica, Michael and Ralph head back to the dorm, after Elsie’s eviction, and are greeted by champagne so they can celebrate being the final 3. Jessica gets blasted, Ralph looks tipsy, Michael appears to be…well…Michael.

After heading to bed in a dunken stupor, the phone rings at 4 AM and Michael answers. They are to meet Ramsay in the kitchen on the double due to an emergancy. After some rangling, they all got there and discovered that not everything in a resturant runs smoothly. The baker was going to be unable to deliver the bread for that nights service. It was up to the hapless, tired and dunken crew to make all the necessary bread. After two hours of working at it, Jessica, who had really done nothing, was sent off to bed by Mike and Ralph. She showed back up an hour later, all perky and ready to go, too bad they only had about an hour of work left. All three headed to bed at 8, just to be woken up at 10 for their next challange.

This time, it was mastering making a souffl?, not an easy task. Ramsay demonstrates, the idjits follow along, and in order the winners are Ralph, Michael and Jessica. Their prize? Choosing what dish they will put their own twist on that night to carry them through to the final two. Ralph takes beef (filet mignon), Michael takes tuna (sesame crusted tuna) and that leaves Jessica with chicken (stuffed chicken breast). As dinner approaches, they do not know their families are present and will help in the judging. Part of Ramsay’s decesion will be based on customer feedback of their dishes.

Long story short, Jessica flubs up everything, even to the point of asking Ramsay for help. HA! That was stupid! In the final tally of dishes, the filet was most popular, then chicken and finally the tuna. As customer feedback matters though, we still didn’t have an answer.

Unaware of who prepared what, the final threes families case their votes at the end of their meals. They were:

Ralph’s family – tuna, tuna, tuna
Jessica’s family – tuna, chicken, filet mignon
Michael’s family – filet mignon, filet mignon, tuna

Meaning the final total was Michael gets five vote, Jessica had one and three for Ralph. With the curshing of the votes, Jessica is sent home.

Next week, Ralph and Michael face off with each running their “own” resturant, and the help of the banished contestants. Here and now, I am calling Michael as the winner, but we shall see.

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