July 28 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 7

Lots of shifting alliances, finally! Now Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel have formed an alliance. With that plan in place, they decided to compete hard for the Power Of Veto to pull James off of the nomination block, and change the possible eviction nominee to Eric. The nice twist to this was it meant Eric was up against his own secret pairs partner, Maggie. Ruh-roh Raggy! Adios to another secret pair team.

At the POV competition, it was decided James would win so he could take himself off the block. From there it was just fighting and scratching as everyone got angry over the shifting alliances. Yay! Nasty time….AT LAST!

My biggest question now is, everyone is saying Eric has lived up to his word in the house. For the life of me, I can not figure out what in the world everyone is talking about. Yeah, he’s a bossy pain-in-the-butt, but I have not seen him break his word. Oh well. Like everyone else is so honorable.

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