July 29 2005

Yet anothere meme

Google “Your name is”, leaving in the quotation marks, and adding your own name– for example: “Sean is”. Then pick your top ten favorite responses. Or you can just go to

1. sean is ssooooo hottttt (well…duh!)

2. sean is a total wanker (hey!)

3. sean is using his british (bangers & mash please!)

4. sean is mine (but…who are you?)

5. sean is/is not (huh?)

6. sean is teaching class tonight? (I stopped teaching night classes years ago!)

7. sean is currently a post (stands very still)

8. sean is always at work (ain’t that the truth)

9. sean is incredibly cute (you’re so sweet!)

10. sean is a very active ambassador for afdr (Action Figure Defense Regiment?)

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  • This is fun! I got (with a few meaningless ones weeded out):

    luis is old and famous
    luis is my cousin
    luis is a real wanted man
    luis is removing parts from one of our mills in preparation to add parts that he has already setup in a holding jig for the next operation
    luis is in western arizona
    luis is magic
    luis is working over/weathering his motorcycle for a diorama
    luis is confident
    luis is moving across the caribbean’s northern leeward islands
    luis is the owner of two pangas that he uses for two different types of fishing
    luis is a social butterfly at heart
    luis is a unique destination in the northern ecuadorian andes
    luis is the first permanent town in colorado and was founded on june 21
    luis is responsible for the shannon explosives field technical operations group
    luis is different and is always changing

    And my favorite:

    luis is al goed ge?ntegreerd

  • Old High School Friend

    “Sean is mine!”?? HA! Who is this girl?

  • Old High School Friend


  • I have no idea! Google went out and found references to my name, not neccasarily to me!:)