July 29 2005

Yet anothere meme

Google “Your name is”, leaving in the quotation marks, and adding your own name– for example: “Sean is”. Then pick your top ten favorite responses. Or you can just go to

1. sean is ssooooo hottttt (well…duh!)

2. sean is a total wanker (hey!)

3. sean is using his british (bangers & mash please!)

4. sean is mine (but…who are you?)

5. sean is/is not (huh?)

6. sean is teaching class tonight? (I stopped teaching night classes years ago!)

7. sean is currently a post (stands very still)

8. sean is always at work (ain’t that the truth)

9. sean is incredibly cute (you’re so sweet!)

10. sean is a very active ambassador for afdr (Action Figure Defense Regiment?)

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