July 30 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 8

FINALLY! The show decided to get engaing! The house had been squarely divded into two alliances:

Alliance 1: Kaysar, Janelle, James, Sarah, Howie and Rachel

Alliance 2: Eric, Maggie, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer and April

After veto, Eric and Maggie were the two on the block. As they are not allowed to vote for eviction, and neither was Kaysar as Head of Household, that meant it was five votes for Alliance 1 (or as they call themselves, The Sovereign 6, you can read about it in Kaysar’s HoH blog entry.) to Alliance 2’s four votes. It was a lock Eric was going, and he did.

So, The Sovereign 6 were feeling darn secure that the house was now there’s to control, oh who cared about the pesky HoH competition, they were going to control the house, no one was going to stand in their way, feel our power, fear us, FEAR…..what? What do you mean Maggie won HoH? That’s…that’s not possible. That means that Alliance 2 will control the house for a week. NO!

hehehehehe I love it when this happens in a reality show. An alliance will think they have the game sewn up, but they get cocky too early and overplay their hands. Such is the fate of The Soverign 6. Let’s face it, Maggie will nominate two of them, even if they win veto, she will replace the saved member with another member of the team. She will effectively make them feed on themselves and campaign against themselves. YES! I love it when this happens!

Next week will be a replay of this week when it comes to HoH, but for now, Kaysar and his ego are learning a very important lesson, the lesson of the reality wildcard. Every show has them, wether it be Survivor’s immunity or Big Brother’s HoH, never count out the wild card.

The other rule, don’t name your alliance. It is ALWAYS a bad idea.

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