Episode 8 of Hell’s Kitchen hit the airwaves, and we were down to the final four with the departure of Jimmy. The reward challange consisted of making a meal from a pile of 15 different leftovers in 15 minutes. This challange is something Ramsey makes all of his potential cooks do as it is way… read more

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Ok, Google can stop being cool and innovative anytime now! If you have not checked out Google Earth, you must. Satellite photos of jsut about any spot on Earth, latitude & longitude, hotels, businesses, roads, train lines….SO COOL! You must check this out!… read more

Based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the tale of young Charlie Bucket and his adventures, through a brief time in his life, where he is thrust into a wonderous world of fancy. I am sure most, if not all of you, are familiar with the… read more


July 16 2005

A safety post

Trying to hold to my one post every day, but as I feel like hell right now, and am probably going to go sleep for a few hours, just thought I would make a “safety post”, so…yeah…this is a safety post.… read more

The Red Cross is taking donations for those involved in the London Bombings. You can fine the link here. We’ is also selling shirts and other items via for those who wish to purchase something. 100% of the profits go to the Red Cross fund. It is not lost on me that this is… read more

Time for the first weekly eviction, and I will save you the pain of waiting for it like you suffer on the actual show. In a vote of 9 – 2, adios Ashlea. The pairs were revealed this time to the general public. (Although, if you watch the feeds, you knew them all, just not… read more


Morgan Spurlock’s penultimate episode to the first season of 30 Days ended up having a close to home connection to me, and I didn’t even know it! (more on that later) This weeks episode focused on taking two fossil fuel loving New Yorkers, and taking them to an Eco-Village to see how they did being… read more



July 14 2005

A big long survey

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF – The Survey Name: Sean Birthday: 07/20/71 Birthplace: Mountain View, CA Current Location: Kirksville, MO Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Black Height: 6’3″ Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: Irish/Italian/Polish The Shoes You Wore Today: White Your Weakness: Soda Your Fears: Fire Your Perfect Pizza: Lots of sausage Goal… read more

Originally I was going to do a recap of each episode like I do with other reality shows, but I discovered something during the second episode of Big Brother….I really can’t. I have a two-fold problem. 1) They jump around so much, it would be a gazillion paragrpahs long and 2) I admit I am… read more


We’re Not Afraid…I Am Not Afraid…You Shouldn’t Be Afraid I love it when things like this pop up on the internet, but this one in paticular deserves your attention. Pass it around, let people know about it. It is a simple gesture, maybe one they will never even know about, but who cares, let your… read more

Episode 6 After a week’s hiatus (stupid holiday falling on Hell’s Kitchen night!), we were treated to a double dose of Ramsey upon Hell’s Kitchen’s return. When last we left the schlubs…I mean, the lovely contestants…Chris has just gotten the boot. Adios Executive Chef. So, now down to the final 6, Ralph discusses that maybe… read more

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Lordy lordy lordy! Friday is going to be a busy day for me! Busy at work you ask? Nope. Hot date? Well…not for me *wink to you know who* No, my day is busy with entertainment! I know, scary! Let’s see, we have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming to theaters that day. So going… read more