August 2 2005

Hell’s Kitchen, Episode 10 & 11

The finale begins with a recap of each eviction since week one. Awwwww how cute! We get to watch the really moronic folks again!

As the new footage starts, we pick up with the aftermath of Jessica’s eviction. After a brief reunion with their families, Michael and Ralph prepare for the final battle. The next morning they are brought to the dining room and congragulated by Ramsay. He tell’s Michael he needs to be more assertive and Ralph needs to calm down. With that, the resturant is split in half by a curtain and they are told each will set up their own resturant in the space provided. They will design the dining rooms all the way down to the silverware. Most importantly, each will design their own menu.

In the design stage, Michael wants simple and modern while Ralph wants…well….your guess is good as mine. Ramsay doesn’t seem to thrill to either design, but oh well. Ramsay goes to the kitchen and tells both of them to prepare their “signature dish”. Ralph’s is a porter house steak for two and Michael’s is braised short ribs. Ramsay says they both look great, but his opinion doesn’t matter, so Ramsay takes them out on the streets of LA to try their food out on everyday folks, and the winner will get a leg up from the win. Micahel wins the challange in a 12-to-6 vote. Ralph, as usual, has an excuse in that Michael’s meal was built to be “street food”. Say what? Not that Ralph is bitter or anything.

Back at the resturant, Michael and Ralph are told they will be working the hot plate in the final challange, the power position which, until now, Ramsay has been in control of. As a test run, they will take turns running the hot plate and feed the construction crews working on their resturants. Michael is told he is not assertive enough in his orders, and this results in Micahel saying to the souse chefs and Ralph “You guys cook like old people f***!” Nice…real nice.

On Ralph’s turn at the hot plate Micahel decides to sabotage him, but warns the souse chef so they know it’s intentional. He prepares all the crab risottos without crab. Ralph tastes, doesn’t catch it and send it out. They get sent back making Ralph look like a morn to Ramsay. Score one for Michael. Devious and underhanded move? Sure! Brilliant? Yes! Also, Ralph insists on calling Jean Phillipe, Jean Pierre, much to Jean’s dismay. Ralph is not endearing himself to the staff.

As test day approaches, Ramsay says it is time to meet their staff, people that Ramsay has faith in them since he was worked with them before…..say hello to 6 evictees! Michael, as the winner of the challange gets to pick his staff first in the round robin fashion. Michael chooses Jessica, Jimmy and Elsie, while Ralph chooses Andrew, Wendy and Dewberry. You read that right….Dewberry.

The teams jump right into prep and Andrew slices his finger 1 hour and 15 minutes before the service, so off to the ER for stitches he goes. He makes it back without much time to spare, but he makes it. Ramsay goes through the finished resturants and is fairly impressed with both. Also, each restruant has recieved their names. Michael’s is “Lulu Pop”, a nickname of his wife. Ralph’s is “Franke & Lulu’s”….named for his dog and his friends dog. Um….Ralph…seriously…did your brain take a vacation?

So, service opens and things, of course, go wrong. Elsie cooks some plastic and send it out. Dewberry feels like he is going to pass out and leaves the kitchen for awhile. Jessica and Elsie argue and so on. The miracle though is everyone gets served, albeit a bit slow.

Service over, congratulations to the chefs from customers over…..oh wait…only Michael got that…shocker there…not. Ramsay asks them if they are ready for his decesion, everyone replies “Yes Chef!”, he tells them too bad, he’s not ready. They go back to the dorms to wait for the decesion. Finally ready, they are led to Ramsay who tells them that one of them had comments saying 90% would dine with them again, the other got a 94%. Ramsay congratulates both and tells them to stand at two doors. On the count of three they are to try their doors, and the one that can walk through his door is the winner. 1-2-3…..Michael’s door opens.

The original prize was a resturant of their own, but Ramsay gives him a choice. The resturant or, come to London and apprentice under him. Micahel, being a wise man, takes the job in London. I think in the end it came down to not only the comment cards, but the fact Michael showed more drive and a greater diversity in food. Ralph was all about steak, steak and more steak. Boring.

Here’s hoping we someday get an update on Micahel!

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