August 3 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 10

NO!!!!!!! The alliance of Maggie, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer and April have given themselves a name….”The Friendship”. *slams head repeatedly into his desk* Why? Why do the alliances need names? It just makes me hate you.

Anyway, Power of Veto compeition had to do with throwing balls at a TV to get it to channel 5, first one there gets PoV. Well, James had a good plan in that he helped Sarah get her TV there because then she could take him off the block, and in turn, she couldn’t be put up for using it. It worked, and James was taken off the block and was replaced by Janelle.

They were also given quarters for the gumball machine. Six of them got movie tickets. They then split into two teams of three and competed for the right to see a movie. The teams were Jennifer, Sarah and April against Ivette, Beau and Rachel . The winner were Jennifer, Sarah and April, and they were treated to the new Paramount Pictures movie Four Brothers. Which we were reminded of time after time.

So all in all, lots of house stuff going on, lots of deal making that went nowhere, but it still seems assured Kaysar will go this week.

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