August 4 2005

19 years

I can’t believe it took me all day to realize this, but I officially opened my business, Splash Page Comics/AnimeUSA, 19 years ago today. (For those who have never looked, you can also check out my Yahoo Shopping store, Ebay store and Amazon zshop! My favorite is the Yahoo store.)

We have undergone a ton of changes in that time, turned over a lot of staff, although my two current guys hold the record now for longest time working for me. I promise, I’m not evil, I just tend to hire a lot of college students.

The biggest move of course was in December 2001 when we closed our retail store front and went internet and conventions only. I tell you, best decesion I ever made. My stress levels went down, and I get more accomplished in one day then I used to get done in three.

Anyway, enough of memory lane. Just struck me as funny how far into the day it was before I even remembered. This day used to excite me as much as my own birthday. Now, niether of them do a thing for me! (although, later this month, my new company, MunkiZ LLC turns a year old! Maybe, just maybe we will finally get a product out!)

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  • Brenda

    Hey! 19 years!!! Way to be big guy:)

  • Max Glenn

    Greetings Sean, or Mr.Aune if you prefer. I doubt you remember me but I’m the annoying son of your former barber(the guy at Hair Clinic II). Albeit it was a sad day for my friends and myself when Splash Page closed its doors, I’m glad to see you successful and in general, very content. I understand your busy, but a reply would be appreciated. Take care.

  • Hey Max, Sean is fine. It was a rough decesion closing the store, but one that had to be made. Working this way is a lot, lot nicer.