August 6 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 11

Can you tell I am bored with these Big Brother updates since I now take days to write them up? It’s not so bad on things like Survivor or The Apprentice when it is only once a week, but three times a week is getting a bit annoying. I will continue for awhile, but then I think I will then just go down to occasional comments.

Thursday is eviction and Head Of Household night, always fun. After listening to Chen-bot say over and over how we are only minutes away from the eviction (like is has EVER happened before the 1/2 hour mark), we do learn that they have brought back the idea of America’s Choice where we, the viewers, get to influence something that happens in the house. In this case, we get to vote on bring back in one of the first four evicted hamsters. (more on that later as we did learn something interesting)

So eviction time rolls around, and no big shock, adios Kaysar. The Chen-bot goes through her automated question system asking the same questions she asks everyone. Yeah…Julie…I heard a rumor once you were a journalist, might want to try out those muscles sometime.

Time for HoH and it is a memory game where the person to get the question right gets to knock someone out. Buzz in and get it wrong, and you get knocked out. The contestants dwindle down to Howie and Rachel, one of the “secret” pairs, and Howie wins it. I am not sure, but I think Howie was excited as he screamed repeatedly about it.

So with a few minutes left in the show, the hamsters are told one of the old hamsters is coming back to the cage. It will either be Michael, Eric or Kaysar. Each has been sequstered seperatly and has had no outside contact. The shocker is, Ashlea, the first hamster out, is not eligible as she chose to leave sequester. Interesting.

For all the info on how you can vote, make sure to go here. You can either vote online or text your vote to CBS.

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