August 7 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 12

With Howie now Head Of Household, it seemed like “The Friendship” (blech to the alliance names) would be targeted, but shock of shocks, they weren’t. After many discussions, and supposed deals being made, James and Sarah were put up.

There was also a disgusting food challange involving the hamsters stuffing their faces as fast as they could. One team would win regular food, the other team would be on PB&J. Janelle was on the losing team, but it didn’t matter to her since she has the PB&J pass. Have I mentioned just how silly the PB&J “punishment” has become? If I haven’t, oh well, it is idiotic at this point and just serves to annoy must viewers I think.

Don’t forget to vote in America’s Choice to bring back either Michael, Eric or Kaysar. For all the info on how you can vote, make sure to go here. You can either vote online or text your vote to CBS.

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