August 10 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 13

Wow, the stupidity really flowed in this epiosde. With James and Sarah up on the block, there was lots of arguing over with Howie, Janelle and Rachel about them feeling betrayed. Never mind the fact James has been making deals all over the house trying to save his own skin and that he had bretrayed everyone else twenty times over already.

As the episode progressed, Sarah walked by the backyard door and saw that the yard had been turned into Mexican themed party. She ran back to the Gold Room, told James, and they decided to part on their own without telling anyone else, which was easy since the rest of the Hamsters were up in the Head of the Household room. As they acted like the two little snots they are, Jennifer came down stairs and spotted what was going on. James & Sarah tried to convince her not to tell anyone else, but she spotted they also had a project to work on making pinatas. She headed in and told the rest of the hamsters, and the party was soon in full swing. As the idiots…I mean Hamsters…worked on their projects, we were treated to Sarah’s having a sad face and James’ doing a couble bird flip. Nice and mature folks.

Now, in what had to be the single most absurd display of lack of brain power, it was time for the Power Of Veto competition. The point was the six players (Howie, Rachel, James, Sarah, Ivette and Beau) were each given a bowl with 10 large candies to deposit in the pinatas representing the players. They could deposit as many as they wanted in any one pinata, but they did have to deposit at least one candy in a second one. The pinata with the closet to 20 candies, without going over, would win.

Folks…no one wanted to James to win. So maybe they should have put 9 in James’, and 1 in their own? Really, any combination would have worked so long as James got loaded up. Instead, we end up with James winning with 17 candies. *bangs head repeatedly on desk* Now, I will admit, everyone did this on their own, and had no clue what the others had done in their depositing, but it really boiled down to everyone over thought the process. Result is the guy no one wanted to have the veto, got it.

So, of course James took himself off the block. This left Sarah on the block, and someone else had to be nominated. At first April volunteered, but it then got changed to Ivette. The twist is though, everyone thought Sarah was still going, but now there is some talk of outing Ivette. Who knows what will happen, but however you slice it, they are all idjits.

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